About Us

About Us

Who Are We 

We are a company that specializes in growing and managing investments portfolios and guarantee steady income monthly and yearly. 

What Do We Do 

We manage investments through trading Currencies, Futures, Crypto and Indices. 

When do you Realize Profits 

We trade the first contracting month and you start realising your returns the second month of our contract. 

Why do we do this

We believe that as the world is revolving and changing this can be the major step to the future, which is 4IR, where we will be using Crypto currencies as our major currencies that hold no border around the world. We are determined to help you grow your wealth as we leverage on future technologies, making sure you get optimum return on investments. 

Where are based 

Currently in Located in the heart of Johannesburg, Sandton. 


Invest your money using any of our flexible deposit options into your wallet using PayNow, Skrill,  Flutterwave, Bitcoin and Paypal.