• What is BlueMoney Capital?

    BlueMoney Capital is a registered company in South Africa. Our goal is to help people build wealth and see their dreams grow.

  • How do I benefit from Investment Plans?

    Every plan is valid for 12 months and every month you receive profits from the investment. In the last month, you receive your monthly earning and a bonus.

  • How do I often withdraw?

    You can withdraw anytime from your wallet. Your earnings are deposited in your wallet monthly. When available, request a withdrawal.

  • How many packages can I buy?

    As many packages as you want. They can run concurrently run.

  • What happens after 12 months?

    After your package expires. You are free to purchase another. Even before the packages expires. you can purchase more.

  • How do I receive my payouts?

    We have flexible ways of payouts which you can use when you make a withdrawal request. We have PayPal, Skrill, Bank Transfer, Bitcoin, Mkuru, Western Union and Mobile Wallets(Mpesa, MTN Money, Orange Money, etc)

  • How do I deposit?

    We have flexible ways of deposits you can use. We have PayPal, Bank Transfer, Bitcoin, MasterCard/VISA and Mobile Wallets(Mpesa, MTN Money, Orange Money, etc)

  • Can I buy or sell Bitcoins

    We currently only buy Bitcoins, which means you can only sell to us. At the same time you can deposit and withdraw using Bitcoin. Make sure you add your Bitcoin address in the withdraw methods.

  • Do i pay joining fee?

    there is no joining fee. Once you are registered and you KYC is approved. You can deposit into your wallet and buy a package of your choice.